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All across the country, more and more people are turning to
inexpensive genetic testing to help find answers to their health
issues. And they’re looking for knowledgeable practitioners who can help them make informed decisions.

We’re here to help you navigate this sometimes complex and
confusing new world. Functional Genomic AnalysisTM 
(formerly) MethylGenetic Nutrition AnalysisTM is a ground-breaking web-based software program to enhance your practice. It will help educate you on genetics and offer you guidance to support patients and clients nutritionally in a systematically organized, prioritized and customized order. This program is taking functional medicine and healthcare into a new paradigm, and finding answers not available before!

Take the step today to learn how Functional Genomic
AnalysisTM can help you Assess, Analyze and Design
SupportTM for your patients, and position your practice for the
next generation of care.

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Presented by the
NutriGenetic Research Institute
for Health Care Professionals

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MethylGenetic NutritionTM
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Hear what practitioners are saying about Functional Genomic AnalysisTM

“I cannot imagine being without this software!
Since studying with Bob Miller and using
this software, my new nutrition practice has
boomed. People love this information and
they sign-up without hesitation. I cannot even
begin to tell you how deeply this information
has helped so many of our patients. I eagerly
await the next seminar.”

~ Tamara G. Santa Ana, D.C.